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April 4, 2020
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Mkhitar Gosh University

Mkhitar Gosh University

About Mkhitar Gosh University

The University of Mkhitar Gosh is located in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. The university was established in 1996. This was approved by the Armenian Ministry of Education and Science.

The university is renowned for the standard of education, in particular in the medical field. This gives students numerous courses in various branches of teachers, post-graduates and doctorates. The university’s services and facilities contribute to its success in the field of medicine.

The university is the best place for students to pursue MBBS from Armenia due to its education system and its maintenance. Today, approximately 1600 students study in different fields. About 70 faculty members and other management experts run the university to guarantee the quality of life of Mkhitar Gosh University.

Faculties/ Departments

  • Medical faculty
  • Dentistry faculty
  • Faculty of law
  • Faculty of management
  • Faculty of foreign languages

The faculties listed above govern perfection in each field covered by the university.


Mkhitar Gosh University is one of the medical universities listed by the World Health Organization and the Indian Medical Council.

The world ranking of Mkhitar Gosh University is 12293, while it is 31 nationally.

Indian Students and the Mkhitar Gosh University

  • The Mkhitar Gosh University is approved by the medical council of India (MCI).
  • The university follows a curriculum similar to that of MBBS in India.
  • Thus, Indian students find it easy to adjust and comprehend the education system of Mkhitar Gosh University.
  • Also, the graduate degree in MBBS from Mkhitar Gosh University is valid in India and other countries.
  • The students can practice medicine in any part of the world after the qualification of screening tests of the medical council of India (MCI).
  • The Indian students are provided by security by the university. The hostels adapt anti-ragging policies.
  • The Indian food is made available to students in and around the university.

Accreditation/ Recognition

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian is also a university that has complied with the standards laid down by the Indian Medical Council. It is now included in the MCI list and duly approved by it. Medical graduates passing from that university will be eligible to take an MCI screening test for students looking to practice medicine in India after completing MBBS from abroad. Thus, Mkhitar Gosh University is an ideal and good option for studying MBBS in Armenia at a low school fee.

The university has attained its recognition y following organizations:

  • World health organization (WHO)
  • Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • Armenia’s national center for professional education quality assurance (ANQA)
  • The university is officially affiliated by the Medical Council of India.


  • The Mkhitar Gosh University is affiliated to the medical council of India and thus the curriculum is affected by MBBS India.
  • The duration of the MBBS graduation course at Mkhitar Gosh University is 6 years including one year of internship.
  • During these 5 years, the initial 3 years focuses on the theoretical knowledge followed by a year of combined practical and theoretical knowledge.

Intake for MBBS in Mkhitar Gosh University

  • The session of medical students starts in September every year at Mkhitar Gosh University.
  • The university suggests the application of admission letter 2-3 prior to the start of the session.
  • The student is thus, advised to apply for admission in the month of July or august
  • The university starts application receiving in the end week of March; however, the dates are tentative and can be molded by the university.

Why Indian Students Choose Armenia for the MBBS Program?

There are a number of favorable reasons that make the country of Armenia one of the most preferred countries for medical studies. Let’s take a look at the few.

Below are Some Features to Consider:

  • No donations are needed: Unlike Indian private colleges, there is no any type of donation or capitation fee demanded admission to medical courses
  • The university has a low fees structure: tuition fee are kept low to make MBBS studies affordable for even poor students
  • No entrance is compulsory for admission: You do not need to appear for any entrance test and thus take the benefit of the easy admission process
  • An appropriate environment for research: the universities have facility and environment encouraging students to go for the research work after MBBS course completion
  • English medium classes: For non-Armenian language-speaking Indian students, language is not a barrier because English is the medium of instruction
  • Globally recognized degree: Not only WHO, MCI but also many global bodies have recognized medical universities located in the different cities of Armenia
  • Good Student Networking: Students from different corners travel Armenia for medical studies following different cultures. This helps students interact and respect culture followed by different nations. It develops a sense of brotherhood and good studying environment. Also, helps to develop an international student network.
  • Reasonable tuition fee: it is a very important factor playing a remarkable role in attracting more and more international medical students every year. Many students also win a scholarship and enjoy free studies.
  • Modern infrastructure with the latest equipment: Medical institutions and hospitals in the country are equipped with modern and high-quality equipment. These help in creating a better environment for leaner and patients in the country.

Documents Required

There is a list of documents listed by the university management to process the admission of the applicant.

These documents include:

  • Resume/ curriculum vitae of the applicant
  • Valid application form with all mandatory details
  • Passing certificates and mark sheet of applicant secured in 10th and 12th standard
  • Attested and notarized copies of the academic documents of the applicant
  • Passport size photographs
  • Fee amount slip including every charge applicable for admission
  • Valid passport of a student with attested photographs
  • Medical insurance documents of the student
  • The application form is supposed to be filled at the time of admission
  • The documents should be well attested by the concerned departments.


Mkhitar Gosh University has established certain bars for students to apply to the university. The university allows students from different religions, castes and countries without any additional criteria.

The basic criteria fixed the university to enroll students is:

  • The age of the applicant must be above or 17 years as on 31st December of the year of application
  • The student must have secured at least 50% aggregate marks in 12th standard with physics, chemistry, and biology as main subjects
  • The university holds no entrance examination. the student must have cleared NEET
  • The student must have satisfactory marks in NEET.

Admission Process

There are a number of steps to be taken by students to get enrolled at Mkhitar Gosh University.

The steps are simple and mandatory to be followed.

The steps include:

  1. Submission of the scanned copies of Passport, mark sheets of class 12th and NEET qualification scorecard
  2. The university then processes the provisional admission letter
  3. The documents are then sent to authorities for verification
  4. The visa is applied by the applicant as the final step for the admission.

The procedure is hassle-free and the university helps students during every phase of difficulty in admission.

Why Choose Mkhitar Gosh University?

Mkhitar Gosh University is one of the oldest universities offering medicine to students from all over the world. There are a few features listed below to justify the benefits of studying medicine at Mkhitar Gosh University.

Some of them are:

  • The students are provided with well-equipped laboratories and campus
  • The university has tie-ups with UNESCO
  • There are no additional charges in shades of donation or processing money demanded by the university
  • A student can apply in various internships in the hospitals of Armenia after completion of one year of MBBS from Mkhitar Gosh University.
  • The quality of education is ensured by the experienced faculty of the Mkhitar Gosh University
  • The university adopts appropriate methods of combined model medicine and practical training for students
  • The curriculum is designed as per the convenience of the students.
  • The flights are very easily available for Indian students at a cheaper rate.
  • The accommodation provided to students is very affordable and comfortable
  • Indian food is easily available inside the campus and also outside in the region
  • There is no language barrier but the students are taught the local language for convenience in dealing with patients.
  • There is no requirement of IELTS/TOEFL, etc for enrollment at Mkhitar Gosh University.

There are many more features to show and prove the popularity of Mkhitar Gosh University offering the MBBS course in Armenia.

Hostel/ Accommodation

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-facilitates hostel facilities for both Armenian and foreign students. You’ll find hostels with a nice, pleasant setting. There are many facilities for students staying in hostel rooms.

The hostel of the Mkhitar Gosh University gives the following advantages to the students from abroad:

  • The hostels are affordable and convenient
  • The hostels are provided with basic and advanced amenities like a spacious room library, reading room, canteen, etc.
  • The hostel canteen supplies healthy food to the students with a variety of cuisines
  • The hostels are secured against every act of ragging and bullying
  • The students can choose other accommodations if they want to.

MCI Screening Test

The university provides an additional benefit to the students who wish to practice medicine in India, by providing them the coaching of the MCI screening test.

The MCI screening test is conducted for the gateway for students who want to practice medicine in India. The qualification is important to get certification for it.

Yerevan as a City

Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia and thus is very rich in culture and tourism. The city has a moderate temperature throughout the year and ensures the availability of all-season material.

The city welcomes students with an open heart. There is no such language barrier for the students and no discrimination on the basis of race, caste, gender, and religion. The students find it easy to adjust and comprehend in the city. Mkhitar Gosh University is adding glory to the city. Students from different nations visit universities for different courses. Indian students are found enrolled in the study of medicine.

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