MBBS in Belarus – Belarusian State Medical University

Grodno State Medical University
MBBS in Belarus – Grodno State Medical University
March 31, 2020
MBBS in Belarus - Vitebsk State Medical University
MBBS in Belarus – Vitebsk State Medical University
March 31, 2020

MBBS in Belarus – Belarusian State Medical University

MBBS in Belarus - Belarusian State Medical University

MBBS in Belarus - Belarusian State Medical University

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About Belarusian State Medical University

MBBS in Belarus - Belarusian State Medical University

MBBS in Belarus – Belarusian State Medical University

Established in 1921, Belarusian State Medical University is one of the top medical universities to study MBBS in Belarus. It is Belarus’s leading medical education institution and one of the best options for Indian students to study MBBs in Belarus. The university is in Minsk,  This university is a medium-sized higher education university offering top medical education and MBBS in Belarus, accredited by the Republic of Belarus ‘Ministry of Health.

Apart from Bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees, numerous other courses offered by Belarusian State Medical University (BSMU). In 1930, medical faculty became Belarus ‘state medical university. The university’s age 97.

The university has 72 departments that have teaching, training and research courses, 29 of which are theoretical and 43 are clinical.

This Belarusian State Medical University gives students admissions in MBBS based on students ‘entrance exams and previous academic records. BSMU accepts foreign student inscriptions. The University provides outstanding MBBS education in Belarus.

Belarusian State Medical University – Highlights

Basic Eligibility 10+2 with 60%
NEET Entrance Test Yes, it is compulsory.
Course Fee Rs.3.50 Lakhs/Year
Course Duration 5 + 1 year internship
Medium English & Belarusian
Universities Recognition MCI and WHO approved

Advantages of Studying at Belarusian State Medical University

  1. Quality Education especially MBBS in Belarus
  2. BSMU adopted a practice-oriented approach to education that focuses more on laboratory activities or tutorials than theoretical research, It is a good option for those Indian students who want to study MBBS in Belarus.
  3. Belarusian State Medical University follows the principles of the Bologna Process, introducing innovative educational technologies for students pursuing MBBS in Belarus.
  4. Affordable MBBS fee at Belarusian State Medical University, Belarus
  5. MBBS Students receive timely medical facilities from Belarusian State Medical University.
  6. Sports are done by Belarusian State Medical University in a very organized and sophisticated manner. Apart from MBBS in Belarus, Students are given special physical instruction to participate successfully in sports activities.
  7. BSMU has various medical faculties such as general medicine, preventive medicine, pediatrics, dentistry, military medicine, etc. which students may choose from.
  8. The medium of education to study MBBS in Belarus is English.

MBBS in Belarus - Belarusian State Medical University

Courses and Faculties at Belarusian State Medical University

There are 5 distinct faculties at Belarusian State Medical University.

Faculty of General Medicine

This faculty teaches students in 20 different specialties including Obstetrics and Gynecology, Military medical care, Dermatovenereology, Anesthesiology, Neurology, General medical practice, public health and public health services, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Psychology, Physiotherapy, etc. Students may start their own medical practice after they complete a mandatory 1-year intern course. It is a 6-year program, where students can become Physicians.

Faculty of Preventive Medicine

This faculty covers subjects like General Hygiene, Children’s and Teenager’s hygiene, Diet Hygiene, Technical Hygiene, Environmental medicine, Radiation Hygiene and Ecology, Epidemiology, Bacteriology, Parasitology, Valeology, etc. Students may work as Scientific researchers and teachers in the different fields mentioned above.

Faculty of Pediatrics-Pediatrics

Children’s surgery and public health and public health services are the three main sub-divisions of this department. Students will work as ophthalmologists, neuropathologists, cardiorheumatologists, immunologists, oncohematologists, endocrinologists and adolescent gynecologists once they get trained in the above-described specialties.

Faculty of Dentistry

It is a 5-year degree. After completing this with a 1 year of mandatory internship students can become Dental Physician. The graduates from the faculty of Dentistry will function as general dentists, dental therapeutics, prosthodontics, orthodontists, oral surgeons, pediatric dentists, etc.

Faculty of Military medicine

This faculty was founded in 1995. Students who have chosen to devote their lives to the military medical profession can choose this faculty. It is a 6 years training course and it gives emphasis on a deep study of military medical subjects. Students may work as Doctors with the specialty of military medicine.

Admission procedure of the Belarusian State Medical University

All necessary documents required for admission are accepted by the Belarusian State Medical University until 21 August of each year. The following are the admission facilities:

  1. BSMU invitation letter to review MBBS at BSMU.
  2. Medical certificate from the health authority of the student country and its notarized transcript in Russian language showing the student’s health and fitness to study at the Belarusian State Medical University.
  3. Student’s birth certificate and the Russian translation.
  4. 6 Images (3×4 cm)

Visa Procedure

A passport copy and approved Russian-language transcript. Students wishing to study in Belarus must obtain a study visa. The Belarus visa process is very simple and will not be denied.

Below are the Belarusian embassy specifications for most countries.

  •  A copy of the completed Visa application form to Belarus.
  • 2. 2 color photos, students should please note that 6 months older photos are not accepted.
  • 3. Students should have a valid international passport. It should be valid for a minimum of 90 days after the expected date of departure.
  • 4. University’s invitation letter from the Ministry of Education in Belarus to study at Belarus.
  • 5. Student’s birth certificate.
  • 6. Medical test results from a recognized medical institute of the country which should include HIV test results also.
  • 7. Educational documents of the student
  • 8. Any other documents which are required by the university.

The campus of the Belarusian State Medical University

The University takes special care to increase the student’s cultural level and development so that students can establish themselves better in academic and social life in Belarus. The University organizes a variety of social and cultural events in which each student can participate and have the opportunity to develop his or her talents. The different types of programs organized by the university are student gatherings, dramas, exhibitions, festivals, sports competitions, etc.

About ‘Minsk’ City

The capital of Belarus is the town of ‘Minsk.’ It is the administrative center of the Minsk area. It is also the economic, cultural, scientific and political center of the country. It is well connected to western and eastern Europe, the Black Sea coast and the Baltic States. Minsk is the center of education. All of the country’s educational institutions, such as high schools, colleges, and lyceums, etc., are located in Minsk. It has stadiums, swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, sports centers, etc. Around 3,600 sports centers in the country. The people of Belarus are very kind and friendly in nature. The city of Minsk has a very good transport system, as it has a very nice metro system, and you can travel easily to any place by bus, trolleybus or tram.

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