Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

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April 4, 2020
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Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

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About Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is one of the oldest medical institutions in Kyrgyzstan. It offers medical and postgraduate courses in a variety of specialties and specific subjects. The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is well known for its highly qualified faculty and quality of life on campus. The university serves national and international students with a wide range of subjects and courses.

There are many facilities provided by the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy to students for the convenience and quality of their student life during their tenure as a university student. The university follows a curriculum that gives equal importance to the practical and theoretical knowledge of students. The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy provides students with well-equipped laboratories and advanced knowledge-based technologies.

The university also provides students with accommodation and basic amenities at a very affordable price. The academic fee of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is also affordable for students.

Departments at Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

  • Faculty of preventive medicines
  • Faculty of dentistry
  • Faculty of pediatrics
  • Faculty of pharmacy
  • Faculty of general medicine

Ranking of Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is recognized as one of the most important medical institutions in the field of medicine. The university is high on the rating chart prepared by the World Health Organization and the Indian Medical Council. These ratings are based on the excellence and success rate of university students.

  • The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy lies at 10397th position on the ranking of universities out of thousands of universities present worldwide.
  • The country ranking of the university is however impeccable.
  • The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy holds 12th position in the country ranking of recognized universities.

Accreditation and Recognition of Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is well known and accepted by the most prestigious medical science organizations. The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy has been approved by the MCI and WHO.

The university also has the following recognitions:

  • World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research(FAMIER)
  • International Medical Education Directory (IMED)

The university graduates are eligible to apply for PLAT, NZREX, and many more such platforms giving students a global status.

Indian Students and Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

  • The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is well known for its services to international students including accommodation, food and other basic needs.
  • The university follows a curriculum affected by the medical council of India. Thus, the curriculum is easily adopted by Indian students.
  • In recent years, the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy has been a priority for the choice of Indian students as their option of MBBS abroad. The choice of general medicine attracts Indian students most.
  • The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy provides MBBS course at a much affordable rate than Indian private universities, also the accommodation costs around 100 USD per month to the Indian students at an average.
  • The university degree is also valid in many countries including India.
  • The students can appear in the MCI screening test after completion of MBBS from the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.
  • The university also provides coaching for the test which proves to be an added advantage for students willing to practice medicine in India.
  • The students can apply for post-graduation degrees in many other countries as well.

Intake for MBBS Program Admission

Students from different countries may apply to the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy. The University does not grant admissions to any bars of the region or nation.

Admissions to the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy begin in March and end in September. The seats are limited and therefore students are advised to secure a seat at the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy as soon as possible.

Deadline for MBBS Program Admission

The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy begins classes for MBBS every year in September. Students are given 3-4 months for enrolment at the university. The completion of the application form begins at the end of the week of March and continues until 30 July.

The deadline for applications to the Mari State University MBBS was 15 June 2019 for the current session. The dates are tentative and the university tends to change the dates according to the administration of the university.

Document Required for MBBS Program Admission

The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy demands a set of documents to proceed with the admissions of the student in the MBBS program.

These documents are:-

  1. Appropriate and filled application form of MBBS source.
  2. Scanned and attested copy of mark sheet of 12th standard.
  3. Scanned and attested copy of mark sheet of 10th standard.
  4. Passport size photographs of the applicant.
  5. Scanned copy of the valid passport of the applicant.
  6. Scanned copy of the NEET scorecard of the applicant.
  7. Medical fitness certificate of applicants.

Duration of the MBBS Program

The duration of MBBS at the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is the typical duration of medical courses. The duration is 6 years, which includes one year entirely devoted to the purpose of the internship.

The first five years cover most of the theories and practical concepts in the form of classroom learning. The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy also allows students to learn practical applications by enabling them to work throughout MBBS.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Program Admission

Certain criteria are important for getting a green signal for applying to pursue MBBS in Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.

The criteria set up for MBBS i.e. Bachelor’s programs in medicine by the university are:

  1. The age of the applicant must be between 17 to 18 years.
  2. The passing score of the 12th standard must contain at least 50% marks in physics, chemistry, and biology.
  3. The original certificate or a copy after certification is a must for submitting while admission.
  4. NEET should be qualified by the applicant.

Procedure of Admission

There are a number of steps to be taken by the students to enroll in the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.

The steps are simple and must be followed.

The steps include:

  1. Submission of the scanned copies of Passport, mark sheets of class 12th and NEET qualification scorecard
  2. The university then processes the provisional admission letter
  3. The documents are then sent to authorities for verification
  4. The visa is applied by the applicant as the final step for the admission.
  5. The procedure is very hassle-free and the university helps students during every phase of difficulty in it.

Benefits of Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is one of the leading institutes of Kyrgyzstan.

The university is well known for its features such as:

  •  High quality of education in every field.
  •  More than 75 years of experience in the medical education field.
  •  Various subject options for MBBS aspirants
  •  It is one of the highest-ranked medical universities in Kyrgyzstan.
  •  The university is of government type universities
  •  All the courses of the medical section are taught purely in English
  •  The students are provided with well-equipped labs
  •  Internships are offered by the university itself
  •  Easy access to all the basic amenities around the campus.
  •  Indian food mess is provided with healthy and clean food
  •  More than 15000 students are learning medicine at Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
  •  The university has a high rate of success in the MCI screening test
  •  No additional entrance examination for the admission in Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

Hostel and Accommodation at Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy offers hostel facilities to all the international students.

The facilities at the hostel of Kyrgyz State Medical Academy include:

  • Large hostel campus
  • Spacious rooms available on sharing basis
  • High security for students
  • CCTV surveillance all around the campus
  • Anti-ragging regulations to protect students from acts such as ragging, teasing or bullying
  • Easily available accommodations at walking distance from the main campus
  • Affordable prices of rooms.
  • Guards are present for the security of students 24×7
  • The students are provided with clean food and water at the hostel
  • Indian food mess is available for students
  • All the basic amenities are provided to students in and around the campus.

Bishkek city, Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is located in the major cities of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. The city is well known for the advancement of technology and infrastructure. Locals in the city understand English by a large majority, thus helping students to overcome the language barrier while living in the city.

The temperature is not high and predictable. All seasons can be seen for a considerable period of the year. Students are therefore faced with the least problems in adapting to the city. The people of the city are kind and welcoming to students from all over the world. Students can enjoy a variety of cultures adapted by students on the same roof.

Students traveling to Kyrgyzstan for medical education enjoy a lot of food and stay.

Advantages for MBBS Students in Kyrgyzstan

  • No entrance examinations: it helps students stay away from the stress of entrance examination preparation before getting admission in any university
  • No scope of donations or capitation: the universities strictly follow no capitation fee policy
  • Cost of accommodation is low: low cost of stay do not trouble international students concerned about expenses
  • Education facilities are simply world-class: modern amenities, highly advanced and modern infrastructure, 24×7 water and electric supply is made available for students’ comfort
  • Safe and healthy atmosphere: low crime rate and a feeling of brotherhood makes the country safe and good for international medical and other coursed students
  • Premium quality education: The education and the course curriculum followed in the MBBS Program is of global level
  • English medium classes: For non- Kyrgyzstan language-speaking Indian students, language is not a barrier because English is the medium of instruction
  • An appropriate environment for research: the universities have facility and environment encouraging students to go for the research work after MBBS course completion
  • Globally recognized degree: Not only WHO, MCI but also many global bodies have recognized medical universities located in the different cities of Kyrgyzstan
  • Reasonable tuition fee: it is a very important factor playing remarkable role in attracting more and more international medical students every year. Many students also win a scholarship and enjoy free studies.

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